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You have landed at your one stop site for all the best Southern, down-home comfort food (and music) that Dixie has to offer. The development of this site has been a labor of love and I have so many friends to thank for our continued growth and enhanced notoriety. We have certainly accomplished a great deal over the years, but our most important work still lies ahead of us. Our Dixie Dining blog has really gained steam recently and we invite you to join the fun. Just go to our blog space at www.dixiedining.wordpress.com to subscribe to our frequent updates and Southern restaurant reviews.


The generic restaurant chains and fast food outlets continue to choke the life out of the traditional "Mom and Pop" establishments we have grown to love so much. I am sad to report that some of our favorite places have closed their doors forever. But that bad news leaves us feeling anything but deflated. More than ever before, I urge you all to join us in our quest to support, promote, and protect the small, locally-owned soul food dives, seafood shacks, BBQ joints, neighborhood diners, and catfish houses that have been (and should continue to be) an important part of our uniquely Southern food heritage. Make the extra effort to seek them out, take the extra time to fully enjoy their charm, bring some friends along for the ride.


The future holds great promise for us and we ask that you take an active part during this exciting time. Send us your pictures, treasured family recipes, memories and stories. Tell us why Dixie Dining and the eateries and Southern food sources promoted here have made an enduring impact on your life. We're in this battle together ... and together there's no shutting us down!


Thanks for stopping by --- come back y'all --- tell a friend --- and always ...


 "May the Fork be with You!"

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